"These books make for entertaining English reading with a wonderfully local flavor and focus guaranteed to appeal to expats (and would-be snowbirds) in Mexico."
~The Guadalajara Reporter

Mazatlan Is Paradise

Mazatlan Is ParadisePacked with the basic information one needs for a fulfilling vacation, Charles Hall shares his and others experiences and observations about long-term stays in the Mexican resort and retirement community.
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Playing for Pancho Villa

Playing for Pancho VillaVariously described as "haunting" and "spare as the countryside of Mexico and tough as its mesquite", Playing for Pancho Villa begins with a seemingly innocent question... "Are we responsible for the results of our acts"?
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Brave Blood

Brave BloodWhether they approve or censure the bullfight, Brave Blood: The Bullfight in México: The Words... The Experience is an encyclopedic and essential work for anyone who would speak, write, or witness the event.

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Editorial Mazatlán, independent publisher

Editorial Mazatlán is a small, independent publisher located in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, specializing in English-language books on Mexican history and culture for the ordinary reader. We publish high-quality books and pamphlets on both general interest subjects for Spanish-language learners and visitors to México, as well as readable works on the history and culture of the country.

Editorial Mazatlán publications are not just reviewed for their general readability and interest but also for their relevance to México and their scholarly or professional accuracy before undergoing a rigorous editorial process. However, given the very high cost of paper and book production in México, Editorial Mazatlán often issues publications in low-cost formats, in addition to eBooks.

Editorial Mazatlán is an imprint of a Mexican company, Editorial Wisemaz, S. de R.L. de C.V., with a affiliated company in the United States to allow us to take advantage of U.S. publication rights and distribute through channels not available to businesses located outside the United States. We may occasionally partner with other Mexican or Latin American publishers to make works otherwise not available in the United States accessible under our imprint.

Under the imprint Editorial Mazatlán we publish non-fiction.

Under our new imprint, Libros Valor, we publish fiction, regional works, reprints and other works less easy to categorize.

Now Soliciting Manuscripts

Editorial Mazatlán is always soliciting new and worthwhile manuscripts of English language manuscripts related to México, Spanish-language studies and Latin America.

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Coming Soon

Mescalero, Tim Wilson: bi-cultural and transgendered, private detective, Ernesto Sanchéz moves uneasily between criminal and legal world, the traditional ways of Mexico and the modern reality of tourists and narcotics dealers, and his own identity.

Yorame (tentative title), Sterling Bennett: In 1900 Sonora, a routine investigation of a crime in Yaquí territory, will test the loyalty of a rural policeman to the long standing regime of Porfirio Diáz, and the core beliefs by which he has fashioned his life.

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